“Ghost House” by Sara Connell

Ghost House is a collection of short stories by author Sara Connell and each of these stories is truly excellent. They are full of horror, hauntings, very dark humor, and surprising endings. What more could a reader want? I highly recommend the book if you enjoy this kind of story. Each of the stories offers the reader something different and all of them are spellbinding in the telling. … More “Ghost House” by Sara Connell

“Who You Are Is How You Lead” by Rachel L. Rider

Author Rachel L. Rider owns MettaWorks LLC, specializing in executive coaching for some of the uppermost leaders in the technology industry. Her book, “Who You Are Is How You Lead,” combines her industry experience, credentials, and insights to share with readers her proven MettaWorks Method. … More “Who You Are Is How You Lead” by Rachel L. Rider

“The Forever Young Prisoner” by Marcus Lessard

“The Forever Young Prisoner” is a superbly atypical debut that boasts ample literary strengths. With its sharp social observation and incisive dialogue, the book occasionally brings readers to a gasp-worthy surprise, inevitably leading them to stop and catch their breath before proceeding to the next phase. Intense and affecting hooks, and vividly drawn world-building rove towards a climactic level, while reflections about the meaning of life, human relationships, and amplitude intrigues make for an engrossing and assured read. … More “The Forever Young Prisoner” by Marcus Lessard

“You Are Still Alive, Now Act Like It” by Ray Catania

“You Are Still Alive, Now Act Like It: Empower, Elevate, and Enlighten Your Consciousness,” is the second book in Ray Catania’s Awakening Series. It follows, “The Atheist and the Afterlife – an Autobiography.” Continuing his studies, the author is also now a metaphysical teacher and coach. In “You are Still Alive, Now Act Like It,” Catania continues to share his personal experiences while discussing his thoughts on metaphysical and scientific principles. He seamlessly blends the concepts together and presents them in a way that readers will be able to understand. As with his first book, his life experiences are fascinating! … More “You Are Still Alive, Now Act Like It” by Ray Catania

“How to Love Yourself” by Rachel Madorsky

We’ve all heard that you cannot pour from an empty cup – well, think of your heart as your cup; every time you nurture yourself with kindness and compassion, you pour, and before you know it, it is full to the brim! That being said, practicing self-love can be a completely foreign concept, but fear not! Rachel Madorsky, LCSW, has created this charming book to give you a starting point so you can become your biggest fan in less than a week. … More “How to Love Yourself” by Rachel Madorsky

“The White Colossus” by Enne Baker

Enne Baker possesses a creative mind and an original perspective of the world. His poetry style is descriptive, which I find appealing since it allows me to clearly imagine the environments and situations he has experienced. He expresses how various sensations affect his body and mind through small ideas, which makes it easy to empathize with his words. What I appreciate the most about his work is the honesty and realism in his verses. He openly shares his pain without the fear of being judged, and he acknowledges that some emotional wounds take time and effort to heal. … More “The White Colossus” by Enne Baker

“Little White Lies” by Margaret Fenton

After African-American mayoral candidate Dr. Marcus Freedman’s office is bombed, it causes a media frenzy. Thankfully, Freedman is located, but his assistant Jason O’Dell isn’t so lucky. Claire Conover, a child welfare worker, becomes embroiled in the investigation when the DHS reports Jason’s infant daughter, Maddie, has no next of kin. The waters get even murkier when it is revealed that Dr. Freedman is the maternal grandfather; Maddie’s mother was an addict and died months after having the baby.

Jason O’Dell was in hiding, living under an assumed identity, severing ties with his wealthy family, the Alsbrooks, who owned many of the mines in Alabama. These people did not hide their racism and did not take kindly to their son being involved with a black drug addict. Amidst helping find baby Maddie proper care, Claire has agreed to foster a thirteen-year-old troubled girl who is causing friction in her relationship.

Will Claire solve the mystery of who killed Jason while keeping her sanity and relationship intact? Read and find out! … More “Little White Lies” by Margaret Fenton