“Dead Ending” by Stephen G. Yanoff

“Dead Ending: An Adam Gold Mystery” by Stephen G. Yanoff begins with Adam Gold, an insurance investigator for Anchor Insurance Company, discussing the infamous Joseph Kemmler case with his boss, Irene Kaminski. Adam and Kaminiski have met Joseph Kemmler and consider him a snake in the criminal justice system. After getting away with murder, Kemmler goes after Anchor Insurance Company. When Kemmler gives Anchor Insurance an ultimatum, Adam becomes suspicious. … More “Dead Ending” by Stephen G. Yanoff

“Splendors of Quanzhou, Past and Present” by William N. Brown

Dr. Brown has written a concise, lively story of the city of Quanzhou, and the surrounding Fujian countryside. It is both a history, an archaeological and architectural tour, a lively portrait of noted locals, and lots of humorous asides that often compare the past and present. Dr. Brown is an American business professor teaching in Fujian and is an unabashed Sinophile.  He presents a well-rounded portrait of the city, that is breezy and highly readable. … More “Splendors of Quanzhou, Past and Present” by William N. Brown

“Shoebox Baby” by Sharon Bruce

When little Suzie Fenton was born too early, the doctor prepared her mother for the worst, insisting she would likely die before the morning. But Suzie was a fighter from the get-go, and she continued to prove her resilience in the following years. Like many families during the Great Depression, her family had very few resources and resided in a tiny shack in Nova Scotia. Still, despite these dire circumstances, the head of the Fenton household, Grace, affectionately called Maw, always ensured her brood was well-loved. … More “Shoebox Baby” by Sharon Bruce

“Behind Her Lives” by Briana Cole

Briana Cole’s “Behind Her Lives” elicits the plural, as the word “lives” may suggest. I kept waiting for the hammer to drop as Kennedy’s lives unraveled to the point of a woman ending up on the autopsy table from an apparent suicide as our opening chapter reveals.  As old friends and less-than-stellar, drop-by-boyfriends kick this story off, each page turn was a twist waiting to slam into me. … More “Behind Her Lives” by Briana Cole

“In the Heart of the Linden Wood” by Ekta R. Garg

In Ekta R. Garg’s “In the Heart of the Linden Wood,” King Christopher, along with the whole kingdom of Linden, loses their beloved queen and infant heir to the throne. King Christopher plunges into his grief, letting bitterness and grief squeeze his heart until only a spoiled, angry shell remains. On top of these searing losses, the pride of Linden, its trees, begin to lose their magic. When a surprise coup rips Christopher from his brooding, he is pushed toward a quest to restore the trees’ magic with the unlikeliest of companions, including the last person in the world that he wants to see—the person he holds responsible for ruining his life. … More “In the Heart of the Linden Wood” by Ekta R. Garg

“Viila and the Doomsday Affair” by Roger Danchik

It’s the end of this eternity—the world can be remade in the image of whoever reaches the holy place first. Rabbi Benjamin is part of a secret Jewish sect that has been preparing to protect the world from this for eons. His ragtag team includes his son; an ancient, snarky head; and a beautiful vampire who only wants to die.  Together they journey to the holy place to prevent a cult of nose bashers and a death cult from destroying life as we know it. … More “Viila and the Doomsday Affair” by Roger Danchik

“Master of Music” by Marla Himeda

In “Master of Music” the reader follows the journey of a boy named Kaelin, who has been given the gift of music. This is a gift that has not been seen in the village for over two hundred years. Kaelin is terrified by his gift as he is sure that it is the reason that horrible things happened so long ago. He chooses to play his music in hiding and not let anyone else know that it is a part of him. So long ago all the Bards disappeared from this remote group of islands under mysterious circumstances and Kaelin fears that music is a large part of the reason why. … More “Master of Music” by Marla Himeda

“Sandmann” by Glenna Jarvis

“Sandmann” introduces readers to Hannah Monakee, a local reporter who follows true crime in her small hometown. In addition, she is the drummer in a rock cover band. She also seems to be the next victim of a mysterious murderer. Her former lover, Quint, happens to come back to town during the same period that some women have been killed. Is he now after Hannah after all these years? Are these killings somehow related to each other? Do they relate to Hannah’s brother’s death? … More “Sandmann” by Glenna Jarvis

“Easy Baking in Barb’s Kitchen” by Barb Lockert

As someone who used to be a baker (and yes, I got up every morning to be at work by 6 am so that the bread and the rolls could be proofed on time for the store to open), I absolutely loved “Easy Baking in Barb’s Kitchen” by Barb Lockert. The recipes are simple, healthy, and absolutely yummy. I have already tried a couple of them in my own kitchen, and I am sure that I will be trying many more.  … More “Easy Baking in Barb’s Kitchen” by Barb Lockert