“Whiskey and Old Stogies” by Lisa Angle

“Whiskey and Old Stogies” immediately hooked me when I learned about the author’s choice for the location and industry of her story: the backwoods hill country of North Carolina and the work of moonshiners. … More “Whiskey and Old Stogies” by Lisa Angle

“Truth is in the House” by Michael J. Coffino

“Truth is in the House” by Michael J. Coffino follows the journey of two boys over the course of several decades as they grow into their own in the great melting pot that is the United States of America. It’s a poignant historical novel that embodies themes of prejudice, consequences, redemption, forgiveness and ultimately connection with each other as one race: humanity. … More “Truth is in the House” by Michael J. Coffino

“Shared Sorrows” by Vincent Panettiere

Frank’s life changes one day while participating in a Columbus Day parade for the Knights of Columbus in New York. With his sword sheathed at his side, like the rest of his brothermen, he instinctively draws upon it to stop a would-be assassination of the church’s Cardinal as they pass by. Frank is pronounced a hero and immediately becomes newsworthy and something of a local icon. But, while this split-second decision is the catalyst sparking “Shared Sorrows,” the true turning point is later that night in the emergency room when he meets a doctor that shares in his grief of a mid-October night decades before. … More “Shared Sorrows” by Vincent Panettiere

“Back Home Again” by DL Larson

It was a pleasure to be able to read another book in the Douglas Family Saga series. In this fifth book, teenager Ruf still has his heart set on Hattie, the young lady whom his grandma took in. They’ve already taken their relationship too far and his grandmother helps Hattie deal with the consequences. Hattie and Ruf have to learn to keep their passion under control so that he can make an honest woman of her when she turns sixteen. Neither finds it easy to do so. … More “Back Home Again” by DL Larson

“The Night I Found You” by Noelle Bensen

To reveal a single detail would be revealing too many. What I can say is that when you look at the romance genre there are true masters of the art. (Nora Roberts, anyone?) With few exceptions, romance novels tend to follow the same “formula” that has been put in place for decades; they rarely take a mysterious turn or break away from the norm. … More “The Night I Found You” by Noelle Bensen

“Newburyport Clipper Heritage Trail Volume 1” by Ghlee E. Woodworth

Readers of “Newburyport Clipper Heritage Trail Volume 1” may never have heard of Newburyport, Massachusetts, but after reading this thorough volume of nine self-guided tours through history, they will quickly add it to their next travel destination. … More “Newburyport Clipper Heritage Trail Volume 1” by Ghlee E. Woodworth