A Survival Guide to Debt: How to Overcome Tough Times and Restore Your Financial Health by Mitchell Allen

A Survival Guide to Debt: How to Overcome Tough Times and Restore Your Financial Health
Mitchell Allen
Greenleaf Book Group (2009)
ISBN 9781929774708
Reviewed by William Phenn for Reader Views (08/09)


Bankruptcy, foreclosure, it’s not the end of the world. Not if you listen to the author of “A Survival Guide to Debt.”  Mitchell Allen takes you through the three parts of his 275 page book in a very direct and easy to understand manner. He writes with clarity and understanding so that you don’t have to be an Accountant or Lawyer to grasp what he is saying.

Even before you get to the first chapter, the introduction will hit home with many people. From the beginning in part I, “When the Wolf is at the Door,”  Mitchell explains what to do when the creditors call. How to respond to payment demands, what to say and when to say it. He shows you a very precise example in his book on what to say in a “Cease-and-desist” letter. Mitchell even has a personal net worth survey to help you find your Assets and Liabilities. The first part continues with explanations on how to get professional help. When you can’t resolve the problem on your own or when the creditors are scaring you to death, Mitchell suggests places to go to get help. He concludes this chapter with a debtors legal rights, he informs you of what you can and cannot do and what your creditor can and cannot do. Here, you will find an explanation of credit scores and even a sample of a “Credit Dispute” letter.

Part II brings us into Bankruptcy. Well, not “Us” as such but you know what I mean. Mitchell presents a complete tutorial on what, when, and how to file bankruptcy. He devotes the whole of part II to this very important aspect of the debt dilemma. He even goes as far as to give you the website for the U.S. Bankruptcy Code, so that you may be a well educated individual if you opt to go this route.

Part III and the final third, of this three part book is the rebuilding process. The author shows you how to rebuild after the devastating bankruptcy. He gives tips and suggestions on “Personality, Attitude and Money” along with such things as how to rebuild your credit score, what to watch out for in the way of credit and credit cards. What to do and how to do it when it comes to applying for credit and a host of other very useful and informative tips. Mitchell concludes his highly informative text with pages of helpful websites; where you can go and find all the answers to most all the questions that you would want answers too.

Mitchell Allen’s survival guide is a well written, intelligently presented, reference book that needs to be in every ones library. I gave it my highest ranking of an A+ and it is well deserved. “A Survival Guide to Debt” is a must read for anyone that has credit, in debt or even as much as just thinking of getting a credit card. Read, “A Survival Guide to Debt” before you apply for one, you may not even want it!


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