Lockdown by Delilah Devlin

Delilah Devlin
Ellora’s Cave (2009)
ISBN 9781419922114
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (6/09)


Trying to start fresh from the horrible loss of her family and still recovering from an attack while working in a prison, corrections officer Gillian Priest is seeking a fresh start at a different prison.   The first day on the job, Gillian finds she is attracted to another officer.  Unfortunately, she is also drawn to a new prisoner, Gabriel, who is to serve twenty-five years to life.  There is more to Gabriel than what meets the eye.  He has a role that is to help maintain balance between our mundane world and another dimension.  The prison contains more than just humans.  Gabriel is one of the others.  He invades Gillian’s dreams so that he can feed on her energy. She feels guilty about this because it seems so wrong.

Gillian also starts seeing the other CO, Billy.  Soon she finds them both sharing her in her dreams.  Billy knows the truth about what is happening.  Gillian feels some guilt, yet truly is enjoying herself.  As the situation at the prison escalates, Gillian finds herself in the middle of the drama.  To stay alive she has to decide who she can really trust.  She also has to figure her feelings out.

“Lockdown” by Delilah Devlin offers a uniquely different erotic tale.  The sensual scenes are very well written and a pleasure to read. The plot is very complex for a novella, yet the author carries it well.  I really enjoyed this story and hope that there will be more to follow along this line.


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