Not of My Making: Bullying, Scapegoating and Misconduct in Churches by Margaret W. Jones, PhD

Not of My Making: Bullying, Scapegoating and Misconduct in Churches
Margaret W. Jones, PhD
Pluck Press (2008)
ISBN 9780980149104
Reviewed by Danelle Drake for Reader Views (2/09)


Let me start by saying that I think each and every book written deserves to be read.  There is a reason each book is written, whether it be for entertainment, education, encouragement, or guidance.  Margaret W. Jones, PhD, has written a book, if read, will have you thinking.

Margaret W. Jones, PhD, grew up in a home where her parents were very critical.  She didn’t fit in with her schoolmates and life was basically hell while she was growing up.  Margaret was raised in the Catholic home setting but did not believe as others.  She felt betrayed by God.  Beginning her adult path, she goes on to college, meets and falls in love with Lyndon and after the birth of her first child weds.  With the turn of each page I began to wonder how anyone could hold onto so much anger for so many years.  Nobody has the perfect life and sometimes things do just “suck” but we have to move on.  The detailed accounts of conversation and events tell me that Margaret has a hard time moving on.

Margaret writes; “My struggle with churches made me stronger.  I now strive to accept things as they are, focusing on what I have, not on what I don’t have and probably will never have.  With no reputation and friends to lose, I am free to do what I want, pursue my own interests, say and think what I like.  I am free to find my own way to live an authentic Christian life, unencumbered by unspoken rules and false projections of others.   The knowledge and insights I gained into groups, and human evil, has aided me in my work as a psychologist.  I know what it’s like to be rejected, abandoned and used as an object to satisfy someone else’s lust and power needs.  God, in a peculiar kind of way, blessed me.”

I feel this book was written for guidance.  In “Not of My Making,” Margaret W. Jones, PhD, was trying to work through her anger at the church families who did not accept her.  I hope she has found the guidance to accept herself.

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