Off Balance on Purpose: Embrace Uncertainty and Create a Life You Love by Dan Thurmon

Off Balance on Purpose: Embrace Uncertainty and Create a Life You Love
Dan Thurmon
Green Leaf Book Group Press (2009)
ISBN 9781608320141
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (10/09)


“Off Balance on Purpose” begins by telling us “You will never achieve balance – and you shouldn’t want to.”  This line definitely caught my attention.  After reading further, I realized that I totally agree with this statement.  After all, it is natural for our lives to be off balance. We are constantly experiencing change, and this change helps us to grow and accomplish goals in different areas of our lives. To achieve this, it is important that we learn to become comfortable and proactive with the changes so that we can take steps that will help us to fulfill our life’s purpose.  Life becomes difficult when we make choices that steer us away from our true purpose.  Not correcting them can lead to self-destruction.

Thurmon tells us “Dismantling unhealthy patterns and restoring healthy ones is the key to life.”  It is also an ongoing challenge.  He extensively addresses the “5 Spheres of Influence” that are found in our life patterns.  These are: health, spirit, relationships, interests, and work.  Introspective questions are asked regarding each sphere.  Answering these reflective questions will help us see how we can improve ourselves in each of the spheres.  Each sphere is interconnected to the others.  These connections are called lifelines.  After discussions about each of the lifelines, there are ten actions listed that will help us to strengthen those connections.  There is also an extensive discussion about what to do when the lifelines collide with each other.

I found “Off Balance on Purpose” by Dan Thurmon to be extremely refreshing and thought provoking.  It definitely has given me some food for thought about changes that I can make in my life, that will embrace the unbalance and help me to get rid of what is unnecessary, whether it is possessions or behaviors.  The steps to creating a better life include, embracing reality, getting aligned with our purpose, leaning forward and initiating positive changes.  As Thurmon states, “Off balance on purpose is more than a philosophy – it’s a process of self-expansion toward your infinite potential.” I highly recommend this book.

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