Pocket Piece Cameo: A Love Story by Rob Costelloe

Pocket Piece Cameo: A Love Story
Rob Costelloe
Saga Books (2008)
ISBN 9781897512203
Reviewed by Danelle Drake for Reader Views (12/08)


I have always been a sucker for real romance.  Not today’s “hook up” or that hot-and-heavy type you get from the curled-edge paperbacks in the lounge, but real melt-your-heart and make-you-tingle-all-over romance.  Rob Costelloe has created, in “Pocket Piece Cameo,” a true romance that will leave you with a smile on your face.

Hailing from a small town in Pennsylvania, Blake has an idyllic childhood life.  He has parents who cherish him, a timeless grandmother with whom he shares a special bond, and many neighboring friends.  Next door he has Denise, a beautiful playmate that, even as a youngster, is not the most pleasant of companions. Blake, totally blinded of her many faults, caters to her every whim.  He does indeed cherish the ground she walks on but feels he could never be her true love due to the fact that he is husky.  As a 12-year-old Blake knows what he wants out of life and feels you should be searching for that “one” you can share forever with instead of just testing the waters as you grow.

As much as Blake dreams of falling in love, Allison is guiding her life in the opposite direction.  From the age of ten, she has suffered from seizures making her feel insecure.  She lives her life with eyes set for the future, but instead of dreaming of white picket fences, she has a career in mind.

Blake finds his love in the younger sister of a school friend and embarks on a love affair that seems to be one that could withstand anything.  Blake and Jill must hide their relationship due to her young age and her parent’s inability to understand that, regardless of age, their daughter has fallen in love.  Blake confides his love to Denise, looking for support, but Denise is only concerned about her own happiness.  Denise has ensnared Blake’s best friend, Bryan, as her boyfriend, smoothing the waters until the day Jill’s family leaves town.

Heartbroken, Blake turns to his friends again for support.  The trio, Blake, Denise, and Bryan head off to college where Blake and Allison cross paths.  The two help each other recover from the torture that fills their heart.  Will it be true love forever or do the stars have more in store for Blake?

“Pocket Piece Cameo” puts Rob Costelloe on the list for true romance authors.  I couldn’t put this beautiful piece of fiction down.  From cover to cover you will be drawn into the lives of the characters, and as they grow, see the progression of love.

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