Poems of Life: Inspirational Knowledge for Life: Philosophy Teachings: Work, Happiness, Love, Morality and Existentialism by Ronnie Lee

Poems of Life: Inspirational Knowledge for Life: Philosophy Teachings: Work, Happiness, Love, Morality and Existentialism
Ronnie Lee
Outskirts Press (2008)
ISBN 9781432725426
Reviewed by William Phenn for Reader Views (1/09)

“Discovering life through poetry,” is what Ronnie Lee would like the reader to do in this 667-page epic book of poetry. From the “Meaning of Life and Logic” to the last poem, “Hope,” the author speaks of the things that explain the understanding of life. What is the process of our whole existence, the foundation and the fundamental wisdom for that knowledge of life?

Some very deep thought was put into this book of complex verse. The chapters on “Existentialism” were thought-provoking and almost philosophical when compared to the chapter on “God.” With such interesting chapters as “Good and Evil, Happiness, Love and Humanity,” I was given a glimpse into the mind of Mr. Lee and his outlook on such subjects. “Philosophy” and the “Spiritual World” were two chapters that are a bit obtuse for my understanding, but will make sense to some people. I may have considered it a bit too deep for my logical brain. With its many topics and every aspect of life covered in this large poetic volume, I am sure there will be something that will appeal to everyone.

With so many diverse subjects, the depth of thought that is injected and the immense size of the book, it is not something to be read on a subway. I would recommend that the reader have a lot of time and a peaceful place, in which to digest the many intricacies of this book, “Poems of Life” by Ronnie Lee. The sections on “Philosophy” alone will take a bit of thought and contemplation.

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