Powerboat Racer (eBook) by Thomas Hollyday

Powerboat Racer (eBook)
Thomas Hollyday
Solar Sipper Publishing (2009)
ISBN 9780974128740
Reviewed by William Phenn for Reader Views (11/09)


From the time he came to town, Harry Jacobsen was an outsider, but an outsider that would eventually earn the respect of the little town where he chose to set up his newspaper office. It all began about the time of the annual big boat regatta. Three boys discovered a race boat that was sunk in the marsh and would rekindle old feelings from thirty years ago.

Harry didn’t know Walker John Douglas but he sure did get acquainted soon enough. Seems Walker was a Black man that owned the boat that was found in the marsh. Harry found out that Walker was a fugitive from justice and that the discovery of his boat caused the Sheriff to go on a quest to find his remains. During the course of the investigation, Harry learns that Walker was accused of setting a fire that killed two white women and escaped from the Sheriff. The Sheriff not being too happy about that set out on a personal vendetta to find Walker’s bones.

As any good reporter, Harry stays close to the investigation and in the course of looking for Walker’s bones, the Sheriff finds him alive and well. The truth eventually surfaces and it brings about a unique twist to the story. In reading the book, the reader is made aware of the struggles that still plague our country. The prejudices that are still there; just below the surface; waiting for an excuse to show themselves. Coming from the big city, Harry was not used to this and quickly learned that he was going against the grain with this investigation. He was shunned by some and warned by others but he was persistent and won out in the end.

I enjoyed “Powerboat Racer” by Thomas Hollyday and gave it a B for its fast-moving and captivating style. I think it would appeal to the general audience and is well worth the money.

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