Queen Kinni by Beverly A. Burchett and Fatou K. Goumbala

Queen Kinni
Beverly A. Burchett and Fatou K. Goumbala
Black Currant Press (2008)
ISBN 9780981711119
Reviewed by Victoria Gonzales for Reader Views (8/09)


This book will keep you on the edge of your seat.  You will literally gasp as you read about the new horrors that befall upon Kinni.  The fact that it is based on a real person makes it even worse.  However, despite the terrible things that happen to the main character, it is a good, well-written book.  The author’s tone and style are very unique and the style of the narrative is somewhat similar to the dialogue style. I think it adds to the book overall, but you may have to reread certain passages.  For example, she writes “So, determined was he to find the specific factors of her departure from Gambia , that Kinni thought she was on trial.”  You will come to appreciate your own life after reading this story.  The writing is impressive, considering that the author appears to be very young.  The notes on the author in the back of the book state that she starred in “Fame” and several commercials.  I do have some problems with this book; Chapter Two of the book is a little bit confusing; one of the characters dies, but soon after appears in the book.  I assumed it was some sort of dream or thought from the character. Also, the information given on the book is a little misleading.  The back of the book talks about Kinni in that “her entire life has been predestined by old dead bones” and her “superstitious ancestry,” but this aspect never appears in the book.  Be assured, there is no magic in this book, no fantastic elements.

Reading about Beverly A. Burchett and the other author, Fatou K. Goumbala, of whom the story is about, at the end of the book was almost as interesting as the book itself.  I think it is wonderful that the author, Beverly A. Burchett, has written other novels that are soon to be published and I hope she does very well for herself.  If her other novels are as good as “Queen Kinni,” I think she will.  I just hope that the next novels are not as graphic.

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