Rhinestone Flip Flops by Ari Dean

Rhinestone Flip Flops
Ari Dean
AuthorHouse (2009)
ISBN 9781438951386
Reviewed by Leslie Granier for Reader Views (6/09)


“Rhinestone Flip Flops” tells the story of Josie Borday, a woman in her 30s who has been unable to attain a successful relationship with a man.  Her coworker Heather sets her up on a blind date with Brett, who is Heather’s boyfriend’s younger brother.  After overcoming typical first date jitters about what to wear and how to do her makeup, she still lacks the confidence that Brett could finally be the one for her.  Upon meeting, Brett seems too good to be true.  He is handsome, fit, and owns an incredible piece of property.  Extraordinary circumstances make Josie and Brett inseparable as they attempt to build a lasting relationship.

This book had a great deal of potential, but the author’s decision to concentrate on the small details instead of focusing on the bigger picture left me disappointed.  The story takes place over an approximate period of four weeks.  Nearly every morning, the author tells us Josie empties her bladder and then drinks juice.  Each day we are told Brett makes coffee before he leaves for work.  Whenever they are in a vehicle, we are told every song that plays on the radio.  When they go out for breakfast, they always go to the same place.  I sometimes wondered if I was reading the same chapter over and over.

The author tries so hard to make the characters seem flawless that they actually come off as quite boring.  I kept hoping for some big secret about Brett’s past to be revealed to explain why such a great guy was still single.  Perhaps some sort of disagreement between Josie and Brett could have enhanced the plot.  Instead each one constantly goes out of his or her way to accommodate the other.  They do not even seem to think for themselves.  When they are told the secret of a successful long-term relationship from a couple who has been together for twelve years, Josie and Brett opt to follow it simply because it worked for someone else.

The target audience for “Rhinestone Flip Flops” by Ari Dean is definitely adult females.  The story can provide an escape from reality for a reader who is dreaming of meeting the perfect man.

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