Screwing the Pooch by J. B. Bergstad

Screwing the Pooch
J. B. Bergstad
BookLocker (2009)
ISBN 9780615284064
Reviewed by Carol Hoyer, PhD, for Reader Views (11/09)


If readers ever wanted a fast read that makes them think about those in their past or present, this is the book. The author has written seven short stories that we all can relate to from bullies to a narcissistic rapist. His ability to get into the mind of his characters is amazing. His vivid descriptions of events and repercussions (good or bad) place you right there.

I don’t think I had one particular story I liked better than another. They all had relevant meaning for me on how we see the world through our eyes and then act on our views. Readers will find those who have to protect themselves from their social environment to those who might have not have made wise decisions but eventually figured it out.

More than anything, I thought the author was telling me stories that he might have experienced or knew someone who did. It was easy to read with everyday language that we all can understand.

The title of the book is not what one would find inside, but psychologically speaking it is. How many times do we take revenge out on those who have harmed us or someone we know? When do we decide that “this is too much” and take action, whether it be good or bad?

These stories will make readers cry, get angry and yet at the same time let them realize why individuals do what they do. “Screwing the Pooch” by J. B. Bergstad is a must read book.

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