Soulmates…: The Truth by Mary Bowers

Soulmates…: The Truth
Mary Bowers
AuthorHouse (2009)
ISBN 9781438969893
Reviewed by Cherie Fisher for Reader Views (10/09)


This book is a really quick read, with 35 pages and a lot of photography.  The content was very informative and gave me a whole new perspective on soulmate relationships.  When I think of soulmates, I often think of them in terms of the love contracts and relationships that we have with people in our lifetimes.   Unfortunately, as the author points out, these relationships often come with heavy past karma, built up from lifetimes of being together. 

Throughout the book, Bowers explores several case studies and why soulmate relationships did not work out.  She also makes a good case for what would make one successful.  And sometimes soulmate relationships do work out beautifully, but she also urges the reader not to rule out non-soulmate relationships, as these can lead to a lifetime of happiness. 

Overall, “Soulmates…: The Truth” by Mary Bowers was well written, I just wish it was a little longer.  It does leave the reader with a better overall understanding and a sense of hope about soulmate relationships.

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