The Book of Walla by M. Ram Krishn

The Book of Walla
M. Ram Krishn
Llumina Press (2009)
ISBN 9781605942315
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (4/09)


Soon after he narrowly escapes death in a suicide bombing, Dr. Shoorab loses his wife and young son during a religious uprising, when they are murdered by fanatics. Deciding that God is responsible for this travesty, he decides to go to court to sue God. Because they represent themselves as God’s agents, Shoorab’s lawsuit names leaders of three major world religions, Christianity, Hinduism, and Islam, as defendants in his lawsuit.

Dr. Shoorab is convinced that God is at fault for the religious hate in the world, because he sent conflicting messages to the founders of each major religion. Religions developed based upon the beliefs God allegedly revealed to people. As a direct result of having received different beliefs, religious groups come into conflict with each other, resulting in violence.  Dr. Shoorab feels that his losses are a reflection of religious battles fought historically and currently, all over the world.

The three religious leaders have to put aside their differences in belief to work together to defend themselves. Each one has a different take on the situation.  They, and some people of other faiths, see Dr. Shoorab’s accusations as blasphemous. To accuse God of being responsible for the fighting and fanaticism in the world is wrong, they assert.  A surprise defendant shows up in court to further complicate matters. His words convey truth to many, blasphemy to others. His presence conveys doubt to some, reverence to others. His testimony changes the tide of the case. Sometimes there are no true winners, and no true losers.

“The Book of Walla” is a fascinating read. I enjoyed the complexity of the story. It caused me to look deeper into my own beliefs. Within the story, the author provides information on the basic beliefs of the major religions. As I was reading, I found myself both enjoying the story and processing it on a higher level. It would be the perfect book for a religious studies class or any study group to read. Stimulating discussion would be guaranteed. I highly recommend “The Book of Walla by M. Ram Krishn.

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