The Chosen by Tony Arthur

The Chosen
Tony Arthur
Llumina Press (2008)
ISBN 9781595269850
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (1/09)


In “The Chosen,” a man named Gabriel is awakened from a horrific dream in which he knows he must flee his home.  He contacts his siblings and also directs them to pack up and run.  As he is running away, he encounters an alien, the dark angel Valkyrie.  She is also known as the Scourge of Worlds.  She has come to earth to conquer it for her queen.  When Valkyrie meets Gabriel she seems to be touched by his humanity, and something within her begins to change.  Realizing that her mission is no longer what she wants, Valkyrie destroys her alliance with her queen, Seraphane.  She is also referred to as Armageddon.

Seraphane reacts to Valkyrie’s betrayal by taking Gabriel away from her and claiming him for herself.  Gabriel finds himself being torn between the two women.  They both have begun some changes since connecting with him.  At that time, they are unaware that a more ancient power is at work.  Gabriel has to find a way to help the two women realign themselves, because their own safety is at stake with a battle that is taking place off of earth.  He also needs to decide how he is going to fit into their worlds.

“The Chosen” is an absolutely fascinating book to read.  Tony Arthur has created a novel that will take you outside of the typical science fiction genres.  I was really intrigued by his creative plot.  He made me look at heaven and hell in a different light.  He also managed to create characters that are filled with darkness, yet not truly evil.  I got swept into the lives of the characters in the story.  In spite of the fantasy background, their emotions and dilemmas felt very real.  This is one of those novels that leaves you feeling very affected by having read it.   I highly recommend it for science fiction and fantasy fans.

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