The Paradise Puzzle: Living the balanced spiritual life we were intended to live by Ed Jones

The Paradise Puzzle: Living the balanced spiritual life we were intended to live
Ed Jones
Outskirts Press (2008)
ISBN 9781432728793
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (2/09)


“The Paradise Puzzle” is written to teach us how to balance our spiritual life as Christians.  The author uses both the Old and the New Testament to help illustrate his main points.  The book is well organized into four main sections.  These begin with “The Pieces,” then “The Puzzle,” then “The Picture,” and finally “A Perspective.”  I found that each section flowed well into the next.  Ed Jones clearly explains his ideas and backs them up with information that he gleaned from the Bible.

I found this to be a very peaceful book to read.  Basically, it helped me to realize that to improve my relationship with God, first I need to work on accepting myself. Next I need to accept others.  The more I accept myself, the easier it will be to accept others.  This will open my heart up to knowing that God accepts me.  I think that most readers will find this part to be very healing to their souls.

I feel that “The Paradise Puzzle” will bring peace and healing to readers who are having some struggles with their Christian spiritual beliefs.  There are many answers to be found in this book.  The author even addresses 9/11.  This event left many Christians wondering how God could allow this to happen. His perspective on it will help many people understand and perhaps look at the event in a different light. I highly recommend “The Paradise Puzzle” by Ed Jones and think that it would also make a great choice for Christian groups and for individuals who seem stalled on their spiritual path.

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