The Plagiarist by Christopher Nosnibor

The Plagiarist
Christopher Nosnibor
Clinicality Press (2008)
ISBN 9780955693908
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (6/09)


While creating a heading for a book review, I usually consider the first impression I get from the book that I am reviewing.  This was pretty difficult for me to do with “The Plagiarist.” When I try to recall my early impressions, my mind gets filled with a variety of topics and feelings.  Not one stands out.  These thoughts range from “my life on speed,” to “confused,” to “creatively unique.”  I also thought of warnings like, “do not read this if you have mental health issues or a headache.”

“The Plagiarist” is truly like no book that I have read before.  I still haven’t fully decided if this is a good thing or a bad thing.  Somehow, I get the impression that these feelings are what the author strives to get his readers to experience.  Really, the word “experience” is a good one to use in reference to this book.  Set in post modern times, this book speeds along without a solid plot.  It is very reflective of how I see our own lives becoming.

The story shows us how much the media bombards us with information, especially since Spam was created on the Internet.  At first, I found myself very confused and rereading several passages; then I realized that the chaos present in these pages is very similar to my own life, especially if I let it get out of hand.  In some sections, I was highly entertained and in others I was extremely annoyed.  But in the end, when I put it all together, I was very impressed with both the talent and the audacity of the author.

I think that “The Plagiarist” by Christopher Nosnibor would be an excellent novel for a modern fiction class or a reader’s group.  It would be very interesting to hear about other people’s views on this book.  I also recommend it as a gift for people who will appreciate literature that is uniquely different, or for people that have everything because I can guarantee you, they have nothing like this.

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