The Power of the Possible: A Book of Hope and Inspiration by Auriela McCarthy

The Power of the Possible: A Book of Hope and Inspiration
Auriela McCarthy
Beaufort Books (2008)
ISBN 9780825305764
Reviewed by Carol Hoyer, PhD, for Reader Views (1/09)


Through wonderful storytelling, the author has given readers inspiration and guidelines to help in all relationships we encounter. Storytelling, as the author states, is a way to impart wisdom without sounding condescending or judgmental.

How long have we as individuals kept anger and hatred in our heart and felt we were justified in doing it? Must we always be right? Do you wonder why we are sick and depressed?

Through personal examples of ordinary people, the author explains the dilemmas they encounter- cancer, depression, alcoholism, unhealthy relationships – and how they overcame these obstacles by letting go of the past and wanting to make people pay for their pain. Ms. McCarthy does say that not everyone will be able to, or are willing, to do this. It really is about soul searching and making changes within oneself. You cannot change others.

The one theme that played throughout the book is “You deserve to be happy and be loved, but first you must love yourself.” How many of us can say we love ourselves? How many times do we blame others for our failures or negative experiences?

“The Power of the Possible” by Auriela McCarthy is one book that readers can read over and over. There is so much wisdom in this book it certainly will make one wonder, search and find their true soul.

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