True Blue by David Baldacci

True Blue
David Baldacci
Grand Central Publishing (2009)
ISBN 9780446195515
Reviewed by Leslie Granier for Reader Views (12/09)


“True Blue” tells the stories of sisters Mace and Beth Perry.  Mace has just been released from prison on drug charges.  Although she maintains her innocence, she has lost her job as a police officer.  She believes her only chance at getting her badge back is for her to solve a major case on her own.  Fortunately for her, a huge case involving the death of a prominent attorney comes up and she teams up with Roy Kingman, a coworker of the deceased, to investigate.  In contrast with Mace’s reckless nature, Beth Perry goes strictly by the book.  As a police chief in Washington, D.C., Beth already has her hands full with crime in the city.  Now she must also keep an eye on her sister to make sure she does not cross any lines or jeopardize her newly gained freedom.  As they investigate the same crime, many unexpected events occur, putting them in danger.

David Baldacci’s latest thriller does not disappoint.  He follows the style of his previous novels through the use of fast-paced action and numerous plot twists.  He also employs a familiar theme of politics and national security.  However, he adds a new element in “True Blue.”  He utilizes deeper character development which permits the reader to connect with them on a more personal level.  I felt more involved in the story and found myself really caring about their fates.

This book is targeted for an adult audience.  Males will be enthralled with the government secrets and political aspects.  Women will enjoy those topics too but they will also appreciate the strong female lead characters.  The storyline is intriguing and the truth unravels at an appropriate pace.  However, I was not quite satisfied with the way the book ended.  It gave vague information as to what occurred and why.  That was enough to understand the story but I would have liked more specifics to wrap it up.

Those who are familiar with Baldacci’s previous works will be pleased with his latest contribution.  Those who are reading his material for the first time will be motivated to seek out his earlier efforts.  Overall, “True Blue” by David Baldacci is an excellent book with a lot of action that will leave the reader thirsting for more.

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