While the Wind Blows by Diana Higbee Reginato

While the Wind Blows
Diana Higbee Reginato
Llumina Press (2008)
ISBN 9781605942186
Reviewed by Olivera Baumgartner-Jackson for Reader Views (5/09)


There’s no denying – I am a romantic. I love being part of a permanent couple. And one of my biggest fears in life is losing my husband. In my opinion, life, as any journey, is much more fun with somebody special by your side. Diana Higbee Reginato’s “While the Wind Blows” extremely courageously addresses my biggest fear, that of losing one’s partner.

Through poetry and prose, Diana Higbee Reginato takes the reader on a journey that all of a sudden became a solitary one. The loss of her husband, while expected, is no less devastating. The author’s musings on the initial earth-shattering grief, the slow dawning of a realization that Jack is really and truly gone, the overwhelming solitude and the gradual beginning of a tedious healing process are heartfelt, honest and deeply courageous. “So easy it is/to become the identity/of the grieving one./I remind myself/that I am not /just my circumstance./…”

If you are grieving over a loss of a loved one, this is a book that could gently help you progress in your grieving process. It will remind you that there is hope at the end of this solitary journey, and that finding a new love does not mean forgetting the old one. If you have somebody who’s dear to you and who’s grieving right now, “While the Wind Blows” just might be the perfect way to help them and show them they are not alone.

“While the Wind Blows” by Diana Higbee Reginato is a beautifully and poignantly written book; and the writings are complemented to perfection by a number of soft and romantic drawings by Marcy Adams.

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