Crushed by Frances Lynn

Frances Lynn
Eiworth Publishing (2006)
ISBN 9780955367236
Reviewed by Sarah Wilborn (age 12) for Reader Views (3/07)

The book “Crushed” was a very interesting and fun book. It was about a girl in England, named Door. She was determined that she was adopted. Her sister got everything she wanted, yet Door got nothing. Door was a bit gloomy, and Dee was stuck up. Door was also not as pretty as Dee, and didn’t have as much talent.

Their Mom was unlike others and favored Dee more than Door. Their father was in his own little world; he wrote books about history. At times he would be zoning out and thinking about being back in time, and what it was like, at other times he was writing about what he thought. His life was centered on his books.

Her parents seemed to have cared more about Dee than Door. As well, Dee did get everything, including a date with Door’s favorite singer. All’s well that ends well, Door finds a humongous family secret Dee doesn’t know, and she gets a super popular and a awesome boyfriend.

This should be a 5 Star book. I absolutely LOVED it!!! My rating for it is 5.

I really liked this book. It was funny and it was realistic. At times I would laugh and think what I would do if I was there. Sometimes I would think that Door is stupid, sometimes I thought their parents were clueless and dumb. The author, Frances Lynn, gave very, very, very, very good details, most of the time. It didn’t get boring at all. The hardest part was to put the book down to do what I needed to do. I could see this book being someone’s life, although it would be horrible.

“Crushed” is a book for any age and can relate to those that have someone in their life that favors someone else. All they want is attention, and one or two simple dreams. Door wanted to play the drums and her parents said no, yet Dee was a ballerina and went to practice almost every day. Door has a big problem with her mom never understanding. They have so many fights and those are big and scary.

“Crushed” was such a good book. I absolutely want all my friends to read it, and I know they’ll go crazy for it. Like I said, this book isn’t for a certain age group or certain kind of person. Anyone with a love for reading, or need something good to do needs to read this book!

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