A Bridge Back: A Novel by Patrick M. Garry

A Bridge Back: A Novel
Patrick M. Garry
Inkwater Press (2008)
ISBN 9781592993321
Reviewed by Danelle Drake for Reader Views (12/08)


Looking at the almost eerie cover of “A Bridge Back” I was overcome with a feeling of unknown dread at what could be between the pages.  A bridge can enable you to travel away from and bring you back.  At times, you may not want to face what the bridge is bringing you back to.  Happy endings are not necessary; sometimes just ending is all that is needed.

MountKelven is home to a tragedy that has Nate Morrissey leaving town to avoid the pain.  Eighteen-years ago, on a dreary, stormy night Nate’s parents and the father of his girlfriend, Laura, are killed on a lift bridge while pursuing the teens to a Justice of the Peace. With their lives ripped apart, the young lovers struggle to continue a relationship that both want in their heart so badly to continue, but neither can.

When Nate must travel back to MountKelven on assignment for the firm he works for, the past hits him directly in his face.  The case he is working on involves the accident that took the lives of those close to him.  Having mixed emotions concerning reunions of those from his past he quickly settles into many of his old relationships as if not a day has passed, except for his relationship with Laura.

With intense raw emotion and a great plot that will keep you guessing, “A Bridge Back” by Patrick M. Garry will hook you from beginning to end.  I especially liked the relationship between Nate and misunderstood Able who had been the operator of the lift bridge all those years ago.  “A Bridge Back” is a most perfect book for someone to read on a cold winter day to warm a soul’s heart.

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