Before Dawn by Ann Bruce

Before Dawn
Ann Bruce
Ellora’s Cave (2008)
ISBN 9781419915000
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (4/08)


Mercy Jansen has been having some strangely erotic dreams involving a vampire.  She learns the cause of these dreams when she discovers that she has become the target of a psychotic vampire who has been brutally killing women.  The first night that she encounters him, she is rescued by Ryan McGinnis, who is a vampire hunter.  Mercy and Ryan are completely drawn to each other.  She discovers that he has been tracking her for three months because he suspected that she was to become a target.

Mercy fears that Edmond, the vampire, is after a ceremonial dagger that has arrived for exhibit at her museum.  When she is re-captured by Edmond, she learns of its true history and importance.  Finding herself betrayed by another, who is supposed to be helping her, Mercy must rely on Ryan to save her.  She also discovers that she wants him in her life.

“Before Dawn” is a really fast read.  I loved the story.  It would have been even better in a longer version, but for a change of pace, it was great to read.  The storyline itself is uniquely different for a vampire tale.  I also enjoyed the erotic moments between Ryan and Mercy.  I hope that Vanessa, another character introduced in this story, gets her own book.   “Before Dawn” is sure to be enjoyed by all fans of vampire stories.

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