Calico Canyon: Lassoed in Texas, Book 2 (Truly Yours Romance Club #24) by Mary Connealy

Calico Canyon: Lassoed in Texas, Book 2 (Truly Yours Romance Club #24)
Mary Connealy
Barbour Publishing (2008)
ISBN 9781597899383
Reviewed by Wendy Cleveland for Reader Views (6/08)


“CalicoCanyon” takes place in Mosqueros, Texas in 1867.  It centers around teacher Grace Calhoun, who settled in Mosqueros, hoping to escape from her past.  She is used to teaching girls, but when the five Reeve boys (twins and triplets) show up, she has her work cut out for her.  Being typical boys, they play pranks and misbehave.  Their widowed father, Daniel, is no better.  When Grace confronts him about the boy’s behavior, he does not want to hear it.  He takes it up with the school board who listens to both sides of the story.  Not being able to come to a conclusion, the board fires Ms. Calhoun and expels the five Reeve boys from school.  After being fired, Grace goes back home.  She senses danger and realizes her abusive adoptive father, Parrish, has found her.  Come to find out, she has been running from him because he had been conducting shady business about which she turned over evidence to the authorities.  Trying to escape his clutches, she jumps out the window and hides in a nearby wagon.  The wagon belonged to none other than Daniel Reeves.  Unbeknownst to Mr. Reeves, he takes off with Grace in the back.  While his sons are helping him take everything out of the wagon, one of the younger ones asks “if he brought home a ma.”  Of course, no one knew what he was talking about until they all see Grace cold and unconscious.  They bring her inside and nurture her until she is well.  The boys and Daniel are not happy about the situation because of the previous encounter at the school.  This dislike permeates throughout most of the story until they discover Grace’s past and whom she is running from.  This leads to everyone being in danger with only love prevailing.

I loved the interaction between Daniel and Grace.  Throughout the book, I was hoping that they would realize they belonged with each other. The history and details of 1800 Texas were interesting and well researched.  It was also suspenseful as Parrish was a very scary man.  To think that he would adopt orphans to work in his carpet mill and then control and beat them was disturbing.  If you want to be “Lassoed in Texas” and then some, I would definitely recommend you read “CalicoCanyon.,” by Mary Connealy.  You won’t be disappointed.

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