Coaching Sales People into Sales Champions by Keith Rosen

Coaching Sales People into Sales Champions
Keith Rosen
John Wiley & Sons, Inc. (2008)
ISBN 9780470142516
Reviewed by Danielle Feleciano for Reader Views (2/08)


In “Coaching Sales People into Sales Champions,” Keith Rosen provides a self-proclaimed “playbook” to do exactly that, turn the average sales person into a champion.  While there is a multitude of books on this topic available, Mr. Rosen manages to keep an original feel to an overused subject.  He looks at things from a different point of view.  For example, in his section addressing different types of sales managers, he talks about the “Problem Solver.”  This is the manager with all the answers and who can solve anything thrown at him or her.  On the surface, this sounds like a dream come true. However, Mr. Rosen points out that by solving everything, this type of manager conveys a message to his team that they don’t have to actually think for themselves.  This manager becomes an enabler to lackadaisical sales people who are not motivated enough to solve their own problems.

Throughout the book, it is frequently pointed out that without the proper coaching, the best sales manager out there still is not able to fully manager his or her team.  Too often a person is made a manager or executive with just a few words but with no coaching, training or resources.  Without a strong training experience, it is nearly impossible to properly train a team of sales people.  This book gives basic but applicable ways to train every type of salesperson in just about any situation.

“Coaching Sales People into Sales Champions” provides not only real-life ways to increase a team’s potential, but also answers to a variety of potential barriers to this.  It talks about a variety of management types as well as sales people types and helps the reader get insight into themselves easily which helps apply the steps and suggestions in this book.  Mr. Rosen truly does have an original voice and makes it easy to apply this book into offices, sales meetings and coaching sessions.

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