Coinage of Commitment by R. Costelloe

Coinage of Commitment
R. Costelloe
Saga Books (2007)
ISBN 9781894936835
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (4/08)


Wayne and Nancy come from very different socio-economic backgrounds.  Nancy was raised by privileged and wealthy parents.  She never had to experience feelings of want.  Wayne was raised by depression-era parents.  He has had to work hard to obtain his goals.  They meet while attending college in the 1960s.  Wayne is attending college near Nancy’s Ivy League university.  When they first meet, they are instantly attracted to each other.  Although they hail from very different backgrounds, they realize that they do share something in common:  their hopes and dreams about love.  Both Nancy and Wayne share a common goal of being in a loving relationship that extends beyond what is typical in most relationships.  They each developed these ideas long before they met.

It is their desire to have a happy, loving relationship that allows them to work through their class and religious differences.  As with most relationships, they have a lot to work through in the beginning.  When fate throws them a curveball, their lives are forever changed.  Friends and family members have to help them both deal with drastic changes that occur for both of them.  Their future is not what they expected it to be.

“Coinage of Commitment” is a beautiful romantic tale that also provides the reader with lots of food for thought.  Wayne and Nancy both have created some beautiful idealistic views of what love should be.  When I read about their thoughts on love, mentally I also reviewed my own.  Through this book, Costelloe teaches us that it is important and worthwhile to wait for that special loving relationship that will have the most meaning for us.  It is also worth taking a chance for true love.  A relationship that evolves at this level will allow each partner to evolve together and to continue to evolve as individuals.  He also shows us that it is also important to recognize when you have that a special love in your relationship and the importance of maintaining yourself as a person of integrity to fully appreciate the value of what you have.

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