Cold Mountain Transcendental Poetry by Wandering Poet

Cold Mountain Transcendental Poetry
Wandering Poet
Gone Fishin’ Press (2008)
ISBN 9780615160061
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (3/08)


One-thousand-two-hundred years ago lived a man who got tired of living in the rat race.  He left everything, including his family, to live off the land on ColdMountain in China’s Tan Tien Tai mountains.  Initially, he had a hut and a garden, but when they required more maintenance than he cared to provide, he moved into a cave and foraged for food.  Along his journey, he wrote poetry which was found inscribed upon the rocks.

Through these poems he tells his peaceful story of his life and of the beauty that surrounds him.  Giving up material desires, he is able to fully appreciate what nature has provided.  His peaceful and simple ways make his life so much more meaningful because his thoughts are no longer clouded by the mundane.  He truly enjoys the beauty surrounding him.

I found that reading these transcendental poems was very peaceful.  Wandering Poet, who is a Buddhist monk, poet and author, did a beautiful job of putting this collection together, translating them and telling the story of the poet’s life.  He also explains some of the metaphors that are hidden in the poetry.  By giving me a better understanding of the underlying meanings, I felt a closer connection to the words.  When you find yourself looking for deeper meaning in your life, “ColdMountain” is the perfect book to help you find it.

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