How To Be A Creative Genius (in five minutes or less) by Gary Unger

How To Be A Creative Genius (in five minutes or less)
Gary Unger
Sherian Publishing (2008)
ISBN 9780979567629
Reviewed by Vicki Landes for Reader Views (5/08)


When I began reading this book for review, I was worried I wouldn’t know how — or even what — exactly to write.  Statements such as “Believe that if less is more, then even less less is more more” or “believe any weird offshoot ridiculous idea from the East” really had me thrown.  By its conclusion, “How To Be A Creative Genius (in five minutes or less)” made complete sense and it was if the heavens opened with blinding sunbeams and singing angels and I got the approach, the sarcasm, and the genius that is Gary Unger.

“How To Be A Creative Genius” is a sassy slant on creative thinking, full of reverse psychology, cynicism, and wit.  Although sprinkled with a few ‘de facto’ reality check-type paragraphs, this concise read is a quick way to get you thinking in a completely different direction.  Author Gary Unger is a renowned advertising consultant with many years of experience and plenty of creatively successful accomplishments.  He’s taken all that knowledge and expertise and crammed it into a wonderfully brief — and entertaining — book.  It’s like reading an Edward de Bono book with life and without all that ego.

“How To Be A Creative Genius (in five minutes or less)” will appeal to a number of audiences.  First and foremost, it’s designed to get your brain out of its rut so it could potentially be used for a myriad of projects or job ventures.  From improving a work process to designing the newest ‘latest and greatest’ product, Gary Unger will wake up those groggy synapses while tickling your funny bone.  Another possibly for this book is simply as a gift.  With its catchy title and heaping doses of sarcasm, “How To Be A Creative Genius (in five minutes or less),” is a lightning fast read and a great conversation-starter, making it an amusing addition to the office or coffee table.

If you are looking for a serious read on creative thinking, author Gary Unger will playfully slap you silly with his new book, “How To Be a Creative Genius (in five minutes or less).”  Whether it’s a ‘genius’ take on health (“Ascribe to the theory that coffee and a doughnut make a meal”) or mentality (“Don’t do anything about your neurosis…Not neurotic?  Fake some type of neurosis”), Unger will have you belly laughing and then saying, “…what?”


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