Island Song by Alan Chin

Island Song
Alan Chin
Zumaya Publications, LLC (2008)
ISBN 9781934841020
Reviewed by Carol Hoyer, PhD, for Reader Views (12/08)


Alan Chin has not only written a beautiful story about lost love and second chances, he has addressed social issues such as “homophobia,” cultural differences and fear of what we do not know.

When a person is in love, the whole world looks bright and inviting- all is well – but, when one loses that love- it becomes bleak, dark and forbidding. Garrett is one such person. After his lover died he goes to Hawaii to get away from memories, the world and his job. Little did he know that he was to encounter an adventure of a lifetime. Sitting in a beach shack he becomes friends with a young man name Songoree. Songoree is somewhat shy but has a devilish underside- with his help Garrett learns to discover beauty and peace that isn’t materialistic. Garrett also learns what it is like to desire someone so bad that you can’t think straight. Neither knew that the “guys” on the beach had no tolerance for male-male relationships, until Songoree almost loses his life.

Alan Chin has the wonderful ability to describe scenes and events as if one were right there with the characters. You feel the pain, loss, love and anger. And at the same time you can see the theme for most men involves “being a man” and the tolerance for men who are different will not do. “Island Song” is captivating from the first page till the very last one.

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