Legs Talk: Let Your Legs do the Talking by D.E. Boone

Legs Talk: Let Your Legs do the Talking
D.E. Boone
Global Force Media (2008)
ISBN 9780979745348
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (1/08)


“Legs Talk,” is a quirky, offbeat type of illustrated story that tells the complete tale of a relationship, gone bad.  Photographs of a model’s legs take you through the story from beginning to end.  The photographs do a great job of telling the story.  An unexpected twist, that has serious implications on the relationship, is actually given away in one of the pictures; however, I didn’t catch it until after I reread the book.

The majority of the text in “Legs Talk,” is presented in single sentences.  There are some witty one-liners thrown into this incredibly short story.  My favorite one was: “How can I miss you if you won’t go away?”  There were a few others that caught me off guard and had me laughing out loud.

“Legs Talk” is the perfect gift for a friend who is going through a breakup.  It also would make a great gift for a friend who has everything.  I can guarantee you that they don’t already have something like this!  “Legs Talk” a must have gift for a divorce party.  It will definitely catch you off guard, and make you ask yourself, “What in the world am I reading?”  I know that I did, and then I kept laughing.

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