Memories of Times Past: Stories and Photos Recalling Life in the Early 20th Century by Marta Hiatt, PhD

Memories of Times Past: Stories and Photos Recalling Life in the Early 20th Century
Marta Hiatt, PhD
Northern Star Press (2008)
ISBN 9780962092947
Reviewed by Danelle Drake for Reader Views (11/08)


Waking each morning for my day, life is a busy blur from start to finish.  Get up, get dressed, wake the girls, feed them breakfast, pack their lunches, feed the dogs, get to the car, get to the schools, drop the girls off, only to have my phone ring in minutes with the first “girl drama” of the day….. It seems to go on and on until I finally fall back into the bed I had earlier risen from and fall into a deep sleep.  I love my life, but every now and then, I find myself wishing it would just stop, slow down.  Wouldn’t it be nice to just be a housewife and put the girls on the school bus each morning?  I would have nothing to do all day until I see the yellow bus arrive back at the drive. (Or so I thought!)

I gained new appreciation for those from yesteryear after reading “Memories of Times Past.”  Being introduced to a time I have only seen on the television I became immersed in the era.  Life was hard, but it was also a time to be cherished.  I realized that the liberation of women came much slower than I had previously assumed.  The photos put you in the nostalgic time while the individual experiences could make it your own.  With twelve chapters you will experience the fashion to the mind.  My favorite chapter, “Understanding your Mind and Saving your Soul: From Sigmund Freud to Jerry Falwell” really opened my eyes, or was it, “Sex and Social Mores: From Victorian Prudishness to Personal Vibrators”

During my lifetime things have really changed.  I often wonder if it is for better or worse.  Today we do not face the challenges or labor that individuals did in the past.  This only gives us time for the new labors and challenges we face today. In a matter-of-fact, easy-to-follow format, “Memories of Times Past” by Marta Hiatt, PhD, gives us a great outline for a future book called, perhaps, “Memories of Times Past.”  Hopefully I will get the privilege of reading the next book, but if not, I will continue to love my hectic life and those that occupy it.

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