Speaking for Myself: My Life from Liverpool to Downing Street by Cherie Blair

Speaking for Myself: My Life from Liverpool to Downing Street
Cherie Blair
Little, Brown and Company (2008)
ISBN 9780316031455
Reviewed by Danelle Drake for Reader Views (12/08)


Cherie has given her readers an amazing life story.  Primarily being raised by her grandparents had both a positive and negative influence on the young Cherie and her siblings.  Her father abandoned his family, choosing himself and a career in the limelight as an actor.  Her mother worked very hard to provide for her children.  Although her father was successful, he chose not to support his first family and went on to make himself a new one.  Her grandparents helped in all the ways they could and had a great effect on Cherie as she grew into a driven and successful young lady.

Meeting Tony Blair, who would one day become the Prime Minister of England, at an interview where they were both competing for entrance scholarships to Lincoln’s Inn, a very competitive relationship was formed.  From that point on their lives mingled until they became entwined and eventually led them to becoming a family.

As life would have it you sometimes get what you want.  With political aspirations the couple shared a life in the spotlight that was not always kind or positive.  Sharing her challenges such as raising children when the entire country is watching, Cherie shows raw emotion which sometimes leaves you asking if she wants you to feel sympathy for her situation.  Life is hard, but in some way life is hard for everyone.  Things don’t always go as planned, but things don’t always go as planned for everyone.  Each of us has our own challenges.  Regardless of our financial or personal situation life is a challenge.  Our purpose is to live it.  Cherie Blair is a very blessed individual who has experienced an incredible life.  She shares this wonderful life with us in “Speaking for Myself: My Life from Liverpool to Downing Street.”  Please do not leave with the impression that she is just a spoiled person, look over the selfishness and give her cheer’s for the great strength she possesses and drive which led her to achieve greatness.

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