Straight Talk for Success by Bud Bilanich

Straight Talk for Success
Bud Bilanich
Front Row Press (2008)
ISBN 9780963828095
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (2/08)


“Straight Talk for Success” is written by Bud Bilanich, who is also known as “The Common Sense Guy.”  He definitely has been given the correct title.  I found “Straight Talk for Success” to be well-organized and easy-to-understand.  The book is arranged in five parts.  Each section has its own chapters that give you further advice on the topics presented.  All of the information provided is based upon common sense, which makes it easier to apply.  After reading the whole book, you will see that the title is perfect.

About a week ago, a friend commented that most of my “gurus” just provide me with information that should be common sense.  I totally agree with this, however, sometimes when life gets in the way, we need to have other people lead us back to what makes sense.  When events at work become so convoluted it is easy to get lost and feel helpless.  Reading “Straight Talk for Success” helped me put a lot of things into perspective. One of the biggest ways it will influence me is in how I deal with situations with other people, especially co-workers; one in particular.  Bilanich reminded me to act assertively, keep my integrity, and to learn from the situation.

The biggest feeling that I had when I finished reading “Straight Talk for Success,” was excitement.  I am looking forward to applying the principles that I learned to my career so that I can get myself out of a slump that I feel myself falling into.  I am looking forward to putting these new tools to work, so that I can present myself with confidence and integrity.  It feels so good to be excited about doing something well, especially when I know that my career helps others.

I highly recommend this book for people in the work world.  It is appropriate for those at every stage of their career.  It would make a wonderful gift for a college graduate who is just starting out.  I wish I had something like this way back when.  It will also be good for people who are in the middle of their career when they feel themselves hitting rough patches.  People nearing retirement can still benefit from this book because it will help them finish strong.  “Straight Talk for Success” would also be the perfect text for a work retreat.

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