The Fortress of Darkness by Patricia Perry

The Fortress of Darkness
Patricia Perry
PublishAmerica LLLP (2007)
ISBN 9781424180974
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (4/08)


“The Fortress of Darkness,” the second in a series, continues on two-hundred and fifty years after “Quest for the Source of Darkness.”  Not having read the first book, I found “The Fortress of Darkness” to stand well on its own.  However, I enjoyed this book so much that I want to go back and read the first one by this author.

“In the Fortress of Darkness” a group of mortals including, elves, dwarves, and a demon are each following their own missions.  Fate unites them in one mission.  That is to fight Emhalla.  Emhalla is a demon who is on a mission to gather all the strong magic in the land so that he can rule.  He wants to unleash the underworld on the land and destroy all living creatures.

When the mortals unite to try to destroy Emhalla, they each have to overcome their own personal limitations to triumph.  In addition to confronting their weaknesses, they also have to learn to trust each other.  This is not easy, especially for two dwarves because they have to work with a Rock Lord who has kept themselves and their people in slavery.  While each person learns to overcome their animosities and fears that they hold within themselves, they also discover an incredible amount of inner strength.  One of the elves on the mission discovers what his true legacy is.

I truly loved reading “The Fortress of Darkness.”  I was disappointed that it had to end.  I loved the magical elements used in the story.  In addition to demons, elves and dwarves, there was also a powerful dragon, an enchanted spider and other magical creatures.  Perry gives each character depth.  I never thought that I would like a demon, but she managed to convince me that not all demons are bad.  At least there is one tries hard to be good.  I loved that she incorporated May, a huge spider into the story.  Through May, Perry also managed to convince me that a spider can be cute and endearing.  I found that Perry has an ability to change my preconceived perceptions about otherworld creatures.  This quality added dimension to the story.  While reading this book, I was in her world, not mine.  I like that, because it makes the story a true escape from the mundane.

I highly, highly recommend “The Fortress of Darkness” to fans of fantasy.  I look forward to reading previous and forthcoming books in this series.

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