The Imperfect Daughter by Sally O. Lee

The Imperfect Daughter
Sally O. Lee
BookSurge (2008)
ISBN 9781419605949
Reviewed by Carol Hoyer, PhD, for Reader Views (9/08)


This is probably the most unusual book I have read – I just didn’t understand what the author was trying to do. There was no mention about what the story was about on the cover, nor any editorial reviews of this book.

The book starts out with a young woman named Sam who loved to paint and lived in a family where her father thought she should play dumb around men and her mother never gave her any encouragement or defended her to her husband.

Then suddenly the book turns to Sam walking off a curb in front of a BMW and she was killed. The story continues as Sam is in heaven talking to God about her life.  There are chapters devoted to Sam watching her parents from heaven, as well as the couple who killed her. The couple did everything they could to get all costs and charges dropped, including going on an extended vacation. Little did the couple know that the wife was pregnant and would deliver a deaf, little girl — Lilly.  Ironically, Sam was partially deaf.

The chapters were very short, maybe one to two pages and seemed to be Sam’s vision from heaven. I’m not sure if what Sam was envisioning in “The Imperfect Daughter” was the author’s attempt to see how her life might have played out.

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