The Wizard’s Legacy by Ashley Simmons

The Wizard’s Legacy
Ashley Simmons
Outskirts Press (2008)
ISBN 9781432720902
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (9/08)


As I began reading “The Wizard’s Legacy,” I was immediately drawn into the story.  It begins with the birth of the twins Kylea and Dev.  Their mother dies while in childbirth, and they are raised by a couple who had taken her in while she was in labor.  Kylea and Dev have special gifts.  They discover information about their past in a letter that they find when their home is destroyed and their adoptive father is killed by goblins.  This letter leads them to their roots and the ghost of their birth father who was a wizard.  They journey to a place that teaches them about their ancestry and their gifts. Kylea is a Mindrider who can communicate with dragons.  She is given a magical sword that will kill anyone else who touches it.  Dev is given the power of wizardry.  He is given a magical staff that will also destroy anyone trying to touch it.

At the time of these discoveries a demon, which their father had once imprisoned, has escaped and is wreaking havoc upon the land.  Goblins and trolls are destroying the people and their towns.  Dev and Kylea side with dwarves, elves and humans to fight this evil.  Dev, with his magical wizard abilities is much more accepted than Kylea.  People fear Kylea because of her warrior abilities and her abilities to communicate with dragons.  Her connection to dragons is seen as evil and greatly feared.  Kylea has to work hard to overcome the mistrust of the people.  Both she and Dev have experienced tremendous personal growth as people through their learning experiences given to them by their wizard father.  Kylea does everything in her power to help the people; however, they still fear her.  She has to work with understanding why they fear her and deal with the pain of not being accepted.

I really, truly loved this story.  The characters are very special.  Kylea and Dev are particularly endearing and so are a very special dragon and a little creature known as Mimic.  Ashley Simmons has written a perfect fantasy.  She infuses magic into an adventure of a lifetime.  If you were to take away all of the magic, you would still have an incredible story about personal growth and redemption.  I really, truly hated for “The Wizard’s Legacy” by Ashley Simmons to end.

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