Waterloo Sunset by Martin Edwards

Waterloo Sunset
Martin Edwards
Poisoned Pen Press (2008)
ISBN 9781590584415
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (6/08)


In “Waterloo Sunset,” Martin Edwards continues with his Harry Devlin series.  Harry Devlin is an attorney who occasionally manages to tick off his clients.  When he discovers a notice that is announcing his death on Midsummer’s Eve, Harry is stumped.  The date is one week away.  He has to decide whether or not to consider this a bad joke, or to take the note seriously.

As Harry is rushing to find answers, real bodies start piling up.  It appears that Harry is a suspect in several of the murders.  It is up to him to clear his name and find out who is out to get him.  He has one week to find out the truth.

“Waterloo Sunset” is a fast-paced mystery.  It takes place in the Liverpool area which makes it a refreshing change from the typical murder mysteries.  The characters are entertaining within their eccentricities.  Harry himself falls into this category.  In addition to a few eccentricities, Harry is also a man of integrity.  This adds even more to the book.

I think that “Waterloo Sunset” is an excellent choice of reading material.  It can be enjoyed by all fans of mystery.  I highly recommend this novel, and would also suggest that it be given as a gift.

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