Winter Turns to Spring (The Four Seasons of a Marriage Series #4) by Catherine Palmer & Gary Chapman

Winter Turns to Spring (The Four Seasons of a Marriage Series #4)
Catherine Palmer & Gary Chapman
Tyndale House Publishers (2008)
ISBN 9781414311685
Reviewed by Wendy Cleveland for Reader Views (5/08)


“Winter Turns to Spring” is the fourth installment of the “Four Seasons of Marriage” series that started with “It Happens Every Spring.”  The “Four Seasons of Marriage” principle was developed by the co-author Gary Chapman who believes that marriage is a continuous journey back and forth through different seasons of Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter.  “Winter means difficulty.  Marriage is harder in this season of cold silence and bitter winds.”  This installment revolves around newlyweds Brad and Ashley Hanes who find themselves living separate lives.  Brad works construction during the day.  Ashley works at night at a country club while trying to run an on-line beaded jewelry business during the day.  Instead of waiting for Ashley at home, Brad frequents the local pub, Larry’s LakeLounge with his friend, Mack Lang. This is where Brad finds an abandoned puppy outside in the cold which he brings home thinking that it may bring him and Ashley closer.  During the course of the story, however, more things happen between them that make it more difficult to keep their marriage together.  The residents of Deepwater Cove grow concerned and try to help the couple through the Tea Lover’s Club held at the local ‘Just As I Am’ beauty salon as well as the ‘Men’s Bible Study’ at the ‘Rods-N-Ends.’  Only Brad and Ashley’s faith in God and the power to forgive can help them through this winter season.

Because I am married, I understood some of the “ups and downs” that Brad, Ashley and the other characters in the story go through.  Marriage is not easy.  It takes effort, understanding, forgiveness and love.  Like the seasons, it is forever evolving and changing.

Even though I have not read the other three books in this series (“It Happens Every Spring,” “Summer Breeze,” and “Falling for You Again”) this read like a stand-alone novel.  The characters in “Winter Turns to Spring” were well-developed so you felt like you personally knew each and every one.  I particularly enjoyed the relationship between Cody Goss (who is autistic, and an inspiring artist) and Jennifer Moore.  I am definitely a fan.  I intend to read the other books in this series to learn more about the people of Deepwater Cove.

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