Your Unfinished Life by Lawrence J. Danks

Your Unfinished Life
Lawrence J. Danks
Helpful Media (2009)
ISBN 9780615242071
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (10/08)


“Your Unfinished Life” offers both inspiration and insight into finding happiness and success.  The author, Lawrence J. Danks, has discovered that the best way to find this is through living a life filled with kindness.  In his book, he offers a discussion on how to live with kindness.  I was elated to discover that there were many things that I was already doing and I felt I was on the right track. There are also many more actions I can take to further enrich my life by acting with kindness.  By doing so, I can brighten the lives of others.

In addition to offering lots of inspiring quotes, Danks also offers a chapter on “40 Ways to Be Kind.”  He came up with a variety of ideas I felt would be fun to incorporate into my life.  Some were as simple as offering to take a group picture so that the cameraman in a group doesn’t get left out.  Another one, which would bring an incredible amount of healing to me, would be to forgive others.  It doesn’t mean I have to let the wrongdoer off the hook and offer myself to be mistreated again, it just means that I let go of what happened and move on with my life.  Danks points out that this is also healthier for us.  His ideas really resonated with me.  It is very important to note that while Danks encourages us to be kinder to others, we are not encouraged to put ourselves in positions where we can be taken advantage of.  There is definitely a line drawn there.

While reading “Your Unfinished Life,” I discovered that the more I thought about how I can be a kinder person, the less I thought about what I have missing from my life. I suspect that others will discover this as well.  It makes sense, because I believe that the more that we are spiritually fulfilled the less need we will have to fill our lives with material things.  I encourage you to challenge yourself with this book.  It will offer you tons of inspiration for your journal.  One of the best gifts that you can give to yourself or loved ones is a copy of “Your Unfinished Life” by Lawrence J. Danks.

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