300+ Sizzling Icebreakers by Michael Puffett & Blair Mundell

300+ Sizzling Icebreakers
Michael Puffett & Blair Mundell
Monarch Books (2010)
ISBN 9780825463181
Reviewed by Irene Watson for Reader Views (02/10)


It’s always a challenge, when entertaining a group, to come up with ways to have people meet each other without having awkward situations.  We often wonder what to talk about and talking about the weather gets a little old.  Michael Puffett and Blair Mundell have solved the problem for us.  They give us over 300 creative ways that can be used at events, meetings, or themed parties. Many of the ideas can be used with youth as well as with adults.

Puffett and Mundell are leaders at the Jubilee Centre in Maidstone, Kent, UK and are passionate about their Christian community.  They believe icebreakers are tools for people to not only to let others know about themselves, but also a way to express who they are.  Many of the methods used as icebreakers in this book may also be considered ways to bring forth one’s Christian beliefs.

I commend the authors Michael Puffett and Blair Mundell for all their ingenious icebreakers.  Those that experience them will not only get to know others but better understand their own personalities, beliefs, and glories that shine through.  This is what makes “300+ Sizzling Icebreakers” not one of those “oh no, not another icebreakers book,” but a book that indeed will raise the mindset.

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