Ancient Wisdoms: Exploring the Mysteries and Connections by Gayle Redfern

Ancient Wisdoms: Exploring the Mysteries and Connections
Gayle Redfern
AuthorHouse (2009)
ISBN 9781449057602
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (01/10)


The author, Gayle Redfern, felt guided by her spiritual connections to write a book about the teachings and guidelines of the indigenous world.  In doing so, she wrote “Ancient Wisdoms: Exploring the Mysteries and Connections.”  She recognizes that much of our modern society has forgotten the teachings of the past.  She tells us, “Following the lessons of the Ancients helps us understand the present.”

Covering every end of the globe, Ms. Redfern discusses aspects of a multitude of ancient cultures.  Some of these cultures still exist today, some have vanished, and others have evolved to enmesh themselves in the modern times.  Obviously having done extensive research, much of which is referenced, the author takes us on a fascinating journey around the world to explore the beliefs of these people.  She points out both the similarities and the differences among these peoples.  I found this incredibly fascinating because some of these ancient cultures developed on opposite sides of the world from each other, yet share many similarities.

Using fifteen of the main groups of indigenous people, we are given a list of some excerpts or direct quotes that reflect their main beliefs.  This is where the similarities and differences among the peoples are especially revealed. I found this area to be particularly fascinating because it is so evident that we still need to apply many of these philosophies to our lives today.  Much of them have to do with respecting life, the earth and the people that we encounter on it.

I truly enjoyed reading “Ancient Wisdoms: Exploring the Mysteries and Connections” by Gayle Redfern.  In addition to gaining a great deal of fascinating information about the ancient cultures that have preceded ours, I also learned about theories that pertain to their existence.  The biggest gift of all in reading this book was learning about the philosophies of the ancients.  There are so many here that I need to apply to my life today. Actually we all need to apply these to all of our lives. In doing so, we will be able to live a more peaceful, less materialist existence, and allow the earth to heal from the devastation that modern society has inflicted upon her.

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