Batteries Not Included: 66 Tips to Energize Your Career by Thom Singer

Batteries Not Included: 66 Tips to Energize Your Career
Thom Singer
New Year Publishing (2009)
ISBN 9780979988523
Reviewed by Vicki Landes for Reader Views (01/10)


In this dog-eat-dog world, many are unsure of how to stand out amongst their competitors or to create a network that is more than simply a collection of business cards.  “Batteries Not Included: 66 Tips to Energize Your Career” is a collection of advice, tricks of the trade, and suggestions gleaned from author Thom Singer’s over 20-years experience in the business field.  Although the book is written with advancing one’s career in mind, the tips are applicable in developing and deepening any social relationship.  

While many list-type books can begin to repeat or cover the same type of advice over and over again, each of Singer’s tips is fresh and energetic.  He does have a few mantras or ideals which pop up regularly, such as ‘what goes around, comes around,’ but appropriately tie into each new point as a foundation instead of just monotonous words.  His networking suggestions are especially good which demystify the art of exceptional people skills.  I particularly loved his tip #67 (note the title only lists 66 tips):  ‘Always give a little more than expected’ – the perfect way to conclude his process!

“Batteries Not Included” is so much more than a book on business improvement; it’s a how-to on improving your overall quality of life.  We live in a society where technology reigns supreme and human behavior is becoming more and more antisocial.  Singer’s heartfelt and warmly optimistic methods not only establish a reconnection but heighten the interaction experience to a deeper and more profound level.  

“Batteries Not Included: 66 Tips to Energize Your Career” by Thom Singer is a fantastic book for anyone on the go.  Its compact size allows it to fit conveniently into a purse or carry-on for easy reading between meetings, over breaks, during flights, or whenever time is limited.  Each tip is short, sweet, and to the point, making their absorption and subsequent incorporation into an everyday habit almost effortless.  While the book itself is artistically attractive and the information contained well-written and organized, the only thing I didn’t like about the book was its title – “Batteries Not Included” – seemed severely nondescript and just didn’t do its contents justice.


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