Beyond Friday Nights: College Football Recruiting for Players and Parents by Ray Grasshoff

Beyond Friday Nights: College Football Recruiting for Players and Parents
Ray Grasshoff
Lulu (2010)
ISBN 9780557393800
Reviewed by Carol Hoyer, PhD, for Reader Views (11/10)


The author has provided readers with a “no flowery” explanation of what to expect if your son is interested in playing college football. In addition to hopefully obtaining a college degree, most college teams expect their athletes to excel academically.

Many high school athletes have high expectations of making it big in college football and then getting chosen for a major team. One thing the author states is you need to realistically look at why you want to play college football – is it for fame, money, academics or all of the above. The competition is tough there are many high school players and coaches that think they have the athlete that is “the one.”

In addition to taking a realistic look at their selves, potential college athletes need to do their research. That includes looking at and visiting colleges; learning about the team and coaches; expectations and academic requirements. Talk to college athletes and find out all the pros and cons of playing college football.

The author goes on to discuss eligibility to play college football and each division has specific requirements. Be sure you know what your college expects. Being a college recruiter is not an easy job and it would benefit potential athletes to know about the recruitment process. This not only includes getting your name out there, but being able to be a leader on and off the field. On page 77 of the book, the author has provided a chart that shows the recruiting/evaluation timeline. As the author states “just because you are getting a lot of recruiting letters doesn’t mean you are recruited.” Other topics include what to do once you are at college and what happens if you don’t get a scholarship. With the costs of college today there are many resources for funding. 

“Beyond Friday Nights: College Football Recruiting for Players and Parents” is a good book for those parents, athletes who want to know the process; the ups and downs and what types of things to look for in a potential college.

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