Business Law Battle Plan for Entrepreneurs: Protect Your Company from Lawsuits, Lawyers and Legal Disasters by Marjorie Jobe, J.D.

Business Law Battle Plan for Entrepreneurs: Protect Your Company from Lawsuits, Lawyers and Legal Disasters
Marjorie Jobe, J.D.
Jobe Publishing (2009)
ISBN 9780615263984
Reviewed by Ron Standerfer for Reader Views (02/10)


Former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, during one of his visits to Iraq after the start of the war, stood before a group soldiers and explained the finer points of military planning and strategy to combat threats generated by “known, knowns,” “known, unknowns,” and “unknown, unknowns.”  Planning for the first case is relatively simple, he explained, and can be accomplished in a fairly precise and straightforward way.  Contingencies arising from the third case are almost impossible to plan for without further information.  Planning a strategy to combat contingencies arising from the second case— the known, unknowns, he went on to say, is the most difficult task because the planner knows a threat is out there, but is forced to build a plan based on assumptions that may or may not be correct.

The above description of Rumsfeld’s planning philosophy provides an apt introduction to a review of “Business Law Battle Plan for Entrepreneurs” by Marjorie Jobe.  This is a no nonsense book for business owners who need to plan against risks of the known, unknown variety.  In their case, the knowns are based on the need to protect their companies from legal risks and threats generated by lawyers, lawsuits and legal disasters; while the unknowns  are typically of the “how and when such risks might turn to reality” variety.

Jobe makes no bones about her belief that most business owners are more vulnerable to legal risks than they realize.  Accordingly, her book is structured as an essential business guide using examples taken from the real world to explain how to:

  • Prevent employee lawsuits through proper hiring and firing procedures
  • Develop protective business contacts
  • Limit cyberspace liability
  • Decide when to sue and when to walk away
  • Control your own lawyer
  • Protect your rights if you are ever targeted for a Federal investigation
  • Ask the right questions when hiring an attorney
  • Safeguard your assets with marital property agreements
  • Identify the types of insurance you should carry
  • Combat other legal risks

Marjorie Jobe knows what she is talking about.  She is an experienced business attorney who has been practicing law since 1987.  She has practiced in courts of all levels, representing business owners as both plaintiffs and defendants.   She says that she was compelled to write this book in an effort to help business owners stay out of court.

After reading “Business Law Battle Plan for Entrepreneurs” by Marjorie Jobe, I am thoroughly convinced that it should be on the desk of every business owner and entrepreneur.  It will help them stay out of trouble and they will learn a lot from it.  As a small business owner, I know I did.


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