Chrysalis: Tribulations (Book 2, Chrysalis Series) by M.L. Lacy

Chrysalis: Tribulations (Book 2, Chrysalis Series)
M.L. Lacy
AuthorHouse (2010)
ISBN 9781449014803
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (03/10)


Having read “Chrysalis: The Awakening,” I was pleasantly surprised to find that “Chrysalis: Tribulations,” which is the second book in the series, was even better than the first.  “Chrysalis: Tribulations” starts off where “Chrysalis: The Awakening” left off. Bree continues to work on strengthening her magic and accept her status of being one of “The Chosen.”  As her powers strengthen, she also continues to have to protect herself and those close to her from her nemesis, Esmeralda.  Desperate to capture Bree and remove her heart, Esmeralda pulls out all stops to try to get Bree to surrender.  She doesn’t care who she hurts or how much she hurts them.  Bree constantly has to struggle to outwit Esmeralda and her minions.

In addition to dealing with increasing her new powers, and the struggle with Esmeralda, Bree also has to deal with animosity within her own clan.  There are others who do not accept her as Alpha female and who wish to usurp her status.  Bree has to quickly figure out who she can trust, and she has to decide how to win over those that are against her.  She really has to rely on her special abilities to help her with this. She also has her soul mate Stephen on her mind.  Bree still has difficulties with the idea that she is also to be intimate with her male protectors.  She has to work on her human feelings in regards to this.  It becomes easier as time passes.   Meanwhile she continues on her path to fulfilling the prophecy set forth for her.

“Chrysalis: Tribulations” is a wonderful book to have the opportunity to read.  I love how Bree’s character is metamorphosing into a powerful Magical being.  Her magical gifts such as mind reading and being able to view events that are happening elsewhere, adds to the excitement.  Dealing with her attraction to her protectors in her clan also creates an interesting dilemma. She has to step outside of her human values and step into the ones accepted by her clan.  I would say that this issue is definitely not the worst one in the world to deal with!  Bree’s story definitely does not end here, and I look forward to seeing where her magical journey takes her in the next book in the series.

M. L. Lacy writes well and her character development is suburb.  She draws the reader into the plot, creating a place that makes you feel like you are part of the story in “Chrysalis: Tribulations.”  I highly recommend both books in the Chrysalis series.

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