Colors of a Man: Tribute to African-American Men by Tia Stewart

Colors of a Man: Tribute to African-American Men
Tia Stewart
Outskirts Press (2009)
ISBN 9781432738181
Reviewed by William Phenn for Reader Views (01/10)


Ms. Stewart combines sound advice with poetry. With her utilization of famous quotes from such people as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Rosa Parks, Rev. Jessie Jackson, Sr., and others, she emphasizes the points she is trying to make. Though her poetry is about African-American men, her poetry can relate to all readers. In the beginning of the book she has a footnote for the ladies. She includes a cautionary note, just to tell them that it is not alright to be in an abusive relationship. Ms. Stewart continues this cautionary trend further in the book in poems like, “Arrogance,” “Collateral Damage,” “Boys Stink,” and others.

What a contrast in another one of her poems called “Black” where she goes a little overboard describing the perfect African-American male. “Perfect in shape, form, deed and purpose,” she continues to relate facts like, “he could do no wrong, he never snored he just slept loudly.”

Then again, in “Chocolate Chips” she makes mention of the loving man. She portrays him to be such a soft-spoken romantic. But that is what makes this an interesting book. In a matter of a short 63 pages, Tia has given the reader not only the good, but the bad and the ugly of the African-American Man. The unique part of it all is that what she has to say, can apply to not just the African-American Man, but to any man. What she mentions in “Colors of a Man” can just as easily apply to White Men, Yellow and Red Men too.

There is more to this book than just the poetry and quotes on its pages. Ms. Stewart brings out certain traits and aspects of the “African-American Man that has been diminished in our modern society.” I thought “Colors of a Man” was an intriguing and interesting collection of thoughts.

“Colors of a Man” by Tia Stewart was presented in a stylish way by a gifted writer. I gave it a strong A and consider it well worth the money.

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