Death by Drowning by Abigail Keam

Death by Drowning
Abigail Keam
Worker Bee Press (2011)
ISBN 9780615429083
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (10/10)


In spite of having to recover from serious injuries incurred during “Death by a Honey Bee,” Josiah Reynolds is back to sleuthing. When a teenager has a suspicious and fatal boating accident, his aunt asks Josiah to investigate. The aunt feels that the drowning was not an accident. Josiah agrees that there is more to this situation than meets the eye, especially since the boy died on the same night that a vandal caused a fire at a vineyard that is a rival to his mother’s.

Before she can begin her investigation, Josiah has to return from where she is recuperating in the Florida Keys. Having sustained massive injuries during a surprise attack at her home, she is still in a lot of pain, and has to adjust to having facial scars, new teeth, using a cane and a hearing aid. On a positive note, extensive plastic surgery has aided her with a younger look, and physical therapy has helped her to lose some weight and gain some strength. She also has a really hot physical therapist/bodyguard. Unlike her gorgeous buddy Matt, introduced in her first mystery, Jake is very straight.

When Josiah returns home, from the Keys, she finds that her beautiful and unique home has been restored to its original glory. She also learns that tours are being given through her property to make money to help pay her bills. Josiah, who was once wealthy, is now land rich and money poor. Having to add huge health care bills to her house repair bills, is very distressing and she realizes that she is going to have to sell more than honey to make ends meet. She also discovers that she is still in danger. This irrepressible woman refuses to be undeterred!

In this tale, once again, Abigail Keam does an excellent job of creating a middle-aged heroine, whom I can totally relate to, an eccentric cast of characters, beautifully descriptive settings, and she also incorporates interesting tidbits of history that took place around where she lives. Her mysterious daughter also adds to the suspense. “Death by Drowning” is a must read. Fans of mystery will absolutely love it. Even though it is second in a series, it stands alone just fine, however, to extend the fun; you will want to read both!

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