Dirklus by AhsummaBeach

iUniverse (2008)
ISBN 9781440111877
Reviewed by Marcy Blesy for Reader Views (04/10)


“Dirklus” by AhsummaBeach is the fictional story of Dirklus and Annah, who were delivered as infants to the care of Nilis, a fellow caster (of spells).  He begrudgingly accepts the responsibility to teach the two apprentices.  Try as he might, however, Dirklus fails to shine as a caster, always messing up spells, and Annah suffers from poor hygiene as she constantly experiments with her spells.  As an adult, but still under the care of Nilis, she tries to prove she and Dirklus are not related by blood.  Dirklus rebuffs her attempts at affection; however, as he is drawn to Nooki, a “worldly” woman who gives away free kisses in her native land.  When Nooki is kidnapped, Dirklus and Annah (only to keep an eye on Dirklus) set off an amusing trek to find Nooki.  They form an interesting bond and become more skilled in the ways of casting.  Evil Tinacia attempts to boost her own power along the way while attempting to overtake her enemies.

“Dirklus” is laugh-out-loud funny!  From humorous names, like characters named “Obvious” and “Nooki” to an obsession by all the characters with onions, the book will have you laughing.  This is not a book you should skim read, either, or you will miss a lot of subtle humor.  The relationship between Annah and Dirklus is hilarious- moving from a love/hate sibling association to something much more.

Mr. Beach paces the story well and causes the reader to want to keep reading.  The last line says, “To be continued…” and I cannot wait to read more of this tale.  The characters are engaging and well described.  My only critique is wishing Annah could get notice in the title as she plays a very important role in Dirklus’ life.  I am not the typical fantasy reader, and I would have missed out on a great time had I not picked up this book, “Dirklus.”  Enjoy the wild ride with Annah and Dirklus!

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