Doctor Jesus: The Doctor who knows no bounds by Dr. Robert Peprah-Gyamfi

Doctor Jesus: The Doctor who knows no bounds
Dr. Robert Peprah-Gyamfi
Thank You Jesus Books (2010)
ISBN 9780956473400
Reviewed by Richard R. Blake for Reader Views (03/10)


“Doctor Jesus” is a compilation of the healing miracles of Jesus extracted from the life and ministry of Jesus Christ, beginning with His miraculous virgin birth. It is an account of the Great Physician taking the reader back to specific healing miracles as recorded in the New Testament.

Chapters two through fourteen deal with specific instances of Jesus’ healing ministry. Each scriptural passage introduces one of a diversity of diseases representing specific illnesses prevalent during the life of Christ as well as in society today. Each chapter tells of Jesus’ divine intervention as the victims of disease receive their healing.

Peter’s mother-in-law experienced fever. The blind and the deaf came to Jesus for healing. Others came to Him plagued with demonic hosts, mental issues, epilepsy, stroke, and paralysis. A woman was healed with symptoms with genital bleeding.  Jesus, supernaturally, healed those with chronic infection disease (leprosy), severe arthritis, as well as a woman with a physiological deviation of the spine (orthopedic disease).

Jesus sometimes performed these miracles with a spoken word, a touch, by a word of instruction, or accompanying forgiveness of sin.  Incidents of death (pulmonary embolism or blood clot) and resuscitation are illustrated with the stories of Lazarus and others who Jesus raised from the dead. The final chapter tells of Jesus’ death, His burial and His resurrection.

The unique feature of Dr. Robert Peprah-Gyamfi’s approach is the way he takes the disease and fast forwards to today and the practice of modern medicine.  He begins with the symptoms of the disease and the factors that bring about the disorder, or the common causes. He then uses technical tools available to physicians today to diagnose and pinpoint the problems in order to establish a plan for treatment or therapy. His approach gives new insight not usually provided in the recent surge of titles addressing supernatural healing.

The disease introduced in each case presented is well researched. Dr. Pehpray-Gyamfi has attempted to use language understandable by the lay reader. His chief argument centers on the fact that, God the creator, who spoke into being the universe and molded man from clay is able to recreate flesh, bone, and blood today in the healing process.

Peprah-Gyamfi addresses the questions posed by Atheists, proponents of evolution, unbelievers, and theologians unable to accept the supernatural ability of God to “heal the sick, cleanse lepers, raise the dead, and cast out devils today.” His writing is convincing without being “preachy,” biblical, and uniquely stated.

“Doctor Jesus” by Dr. Robert Peprah-Gyamfi is more than a compact how-to book. It brings hope to anyone who has been told “There is nothing more, we, the medical profession can do for you.” It brings the promise of divine intervention and the availability of a supernatural complete makeover by the Great Physician.

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