Does Your Daughter Have Dad Hair?: A Step-by-Step Guide for Dads by Craig A. Lawrey

Does Your Daughter Have Dad Hair?:  A Step-by-Step Guide for Dads
Craig A. Lawrey
Wantana Press (2009)
ISBN 9780615297613
Reviewed by Marcy Blesy for Reader Views (01/10)

“Does Your Daughter Have Dad Hair?:  A Step-by-Step Guide for Dads” by Craig A. Lawrey is a humorous, yet practical guide.  The premise of this book written by a stay-at-home dad is to train men to do their daughters’ hair so as not to have their daughters identified as having “dad hair.”  Mr. Lawrey defines “dad hair” as, “A style in which hair is arranged so that it is obvious that an unskilled stylist (namely the male paternal figure) is responsible.syn.DISASTER, TRAGEDY.”

The very short guide lists five practical tips such as how to “Prevent Stress.”  Within each tip section are large colorful pictures describing how to do simple hairstyles.  There are real little girls modeling hairstyles throughout, not drawn pictures.  The basic “equipment” needed to style a daughter’s hair is displayed as well as the directions to such styles as ponytails, pigtails, the bun, and the braid.  My favorite style (which is aptly named) is the Princess Loopy Loop.

Mr. Lawrey stresses the importance of the Daddy-Daughter bond throughout the book that is quite sweet.  The premise of the book would make most people chuckle, yet the information is quick and practical.  But I don’t want Mr. Lawrey to sell himself short on his marketing strategy.  I am a short-haired mother of boys, and if I ever had a daughter, I too, would be at a loss.  I haven’t braided hair since my Barbie Doll years.  The step-by-step directions are easy to follow for all hair-challenged people.

I recommend “Does Your Daughter Have Dad Hair?” to all parents, male or female.  Mr. Lawrey even has a “Pass it on section” at the beginning of the book in which he encourages dads to pass along the guide to other dads upon mastery of the basic techniques.  I can tell that Mr. Lawrey loves his daughter.  The real bond is not formed over one’s appearance.  It’s formed in the heart!

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