Great Controversies of the Bible: Myth, Fact, and Fallacy by Robert Ramia-Enriquez

Great Controversies of the Bible: Myth, Fact, and Fallacy
Robert Ramia-Enriquez
iUniverse (2010)
ISBN 9781450206921
Reviewed by Carol Hoyer, PhD, for Reader Views (06/10)


As a reader, I believe that we all view the Bible and the teachings with our own perspective as does the author in his “Great Controversies of the Bible.” While I certainly appreciate his point of view, I have many concerns about what he is saying.  Who are we to say who the “higher power” is for any individual?  What does “faithful” mean to us?  I certainly realize he expresses his point of view, but as a reviewer, I felt he was telling me my beliefs were not important.

One of the things, as a reviewer, that distracted me the most was his “* definitions.” I did not like having to look up terms in the back of the book numerous times.  It distracted me from the author’s thoughts.  Ramia-Enriquez questions who wrote the Book and were their comments “real.” Who knows? We were not there.  Yes, today in modern times we will all interpret the Book differently but does that mean we lose the basic concepts?

I do think the author gave some good references, and scripture quotes, but again, it is his point of view.  Maybe Ramia-Enriquez is dismayed with religion as a whole. I don’t think he gave readers an opportunity to address their own beliefs or opinions by encouraging them to do more research.  His writing felt condescending and that he was right in entirety.

“Great Controversies of the Bible” was a hard book to read due to terminology and the author’s very opinionated and personal views.

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